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The GET LACED NOW Fitness Program was created by two college friends Lacee Green and Tenisha Patterson. While working closely together in the collegiate athletic program, they developed a love for fitness and nutrition in order to maintain healthy lifestyles. But as time passed that love transformed into a true passion.

Lacee, a certified personal trainer and mother, and Tenisha, a sports law attorney, realized that there was a need for a fitness program that caters not only to their busy schedules but their body types. They wanted to redefine "skinny" and create a workout that targeted the problem areas but highlighted their feminine edge. The GET LACED NOW Fitness Program is designed to help women tone and shape their bodies without losing their curves in just 30 days. 

If you are ready to take control of your body and own your curves then the GET LACED NOW Fitness Program is right for you! 

Remember...It's Your Body, Your Fitness, Your Time! 

For more GET LACED NOW Fitness Program information please contact info@getlacednow.com! 

If you want more and are in Ventura, CA...take a class with Lacee!
2300 Knoll Drive
Ventura, CA
Visit www.imagesgroupfitness.com for directions.

Join Lacee Monday Morning live on 105.5 FM out of Ventura, CA

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