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Grilled Mahi w/ black beans              Organic Omelet on top of            & spicy salsa and side of           green salad with Swiss cheese
    organic sauteed green beans                   2 eggs folded w/ sauteed
(See meal plan for recipe)                       asparagus, tomatoes, carrots
           zucchini, spinach! Try it for
                                                                                                        Sunday Brunch


Pfruity Pizza
Toast a cinnamon sprinkled, whole wheat tortilla
in a broiler (just 1-2 minutes) spread w/ 1/4 cups
Greek yogurt, chopped green apple,
blueberries, almonds, raspberries...
drizzle w/ 1 tbsp melted peanut butter
(can be lunch some days)

            Dark and Nutty Mix                               Coconut Water
         2 tbsp dark choc chips, 2 tbsp                    This water is LACED with goodness!
            organic dried coconut, small                   Super packed with vitamin C and will
        handful of unsalted raw almonds              keep you hydrated all day! Can be found
          Shake together in container.                   at most whole foods, lassens, or local
        Snack on just 2-3 tablespoons.           health foods store. Also try Vita Coco or Zico
Great during certain times of the

                                            Apple Pie on the Fly
                         1 large sliced green apple, 1 tbsp Olive oil, 2 teaspoons                 
                       cinnamon, 3 tbsp light cool whip or 2 tbsp Vanilla Greek Yogurt.
               Saute apples in oil, 5-10 min, desired crispness, put in bowl and cover with
                                    cool whip or greek yogurt, and cinnamon

                Trader Joes Salads                                  Pita Chia
                                                                      Enjoy with tbsp of hummus or 
                                                                                             salsa. Or make your own: cut 3
                                                                                      pitas into wedges, top with 3 tbsp olive
                                                                                        oil mixed with garlic, salt and pepper,
                                                                                         bake at 375 for 12-15 min...or use
                                                                                         cinnamon instead to make sweet
                                                                                                        instead of savory


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