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The fitness craze is here! And it’s something just for you! For the busy working mom, business executive, student without much time to get the gym, those who prefer the privacy of their own home and cannot afford a personal trainer, and to the sexy ladies all around the world, the GetLacedNow program takes a simple yet strategic approach to toning and shaping your entire body, while emphasizing and embracing the curvy-sexy look that only a GetLacedNow woman could own. 

In just 10 minutes a day (the time it takes to enjoy your café latte) you could be working your way to getting into the best shape of your life! We take the go hard or go home approach; it’s all about the intensity of the workout!  You do the best you can for you, at the level you feel comfortable with. You challenge your body daily and your muscles will thank you later! And you’ll have fun doing it too!

Take our FREE 30-day online challenge to see what it’s all about. Make some simple and easy changes to your lifestyle and eating habits and you’ll be so happy you did. …That’s a GetLacedNow promise! In just 30 days, you can burn fat, build strength, and change your life, forever! And to keep and maintain that sexy body GetLacedNow will launch their Get Laced Now Phase 1 , Phase 2 and Phase 3 DVDs to keep your body lookin’ laced’ from head to stiletto‘! Time to stand up and own your curves! It’s a program just for YOU! GetLacedNow. Your Body. Your Fitness. Your Time.  Xoxo 


FREE 30 Day Challenges 1 & 2 Workout of the Day -
Strip Down to the Bands
(1 min work, 10 sec rest)

1 min warm up walk outs
1 min hip & glute isolation walk
1 min walking push ups
(modify push up on knees)
1 min shoulder raise with bands
(modify - use light hand weights)
1 min lunges with bands (1 min each side)
1 min pilates V up pulse

Equipment Needed for Challenge: 
1. Light to Medium Bands
2. Dumbbells
3. Mat or Towel
4. Smile 
Meet Your Trainer:
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